Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Installation and Maintenance of Passenger Elevators

We offer wide range of superior quality of passenger elevators is covering: offices, commercial complexes, residential blocks, hotels, hospitals and factories. The advantages of these elevators include low cost, low space requirement, fast installation and minimum maintenance. It is reliable, safety and elegant and is very easy to open and close. Platform sizes, capacities, and finishes are all customizable and this manufacturer relishes the opportunity to create a truly unique elevator to match any concept or design. 

KDP Elevators have been providing comfortable reliable transport for patients for decades. Carefully designed and engineered by us, our hospital elevators offer greater comfort, smooth, safety and reliability, durability especially in cases of emergency ease of entry and exit, and arriving at their destination quickly and comfortably. Spacious enough to handle all conceivable bed sizes with room enough for those accompanying, smooth-riding and suited for transporting medical equipment without jarring. 

KDP Elevators offer a wide range of luxury home elevators for homes to suit a variety of different homes and budgets. Our domestic elevators are custom designed to fit in any location of the home, both indoors and outdoors, with minimum architectural impact and builder’s works. Each home elevator’s reliable, quiet and smooth operation is ensured by our innovative drive systems. A wide range of cab finishes and colors allow you to customize the design of your elevator to match your interior decoration.

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of freight elevator which is used for transporting heavy goods quickly and safely. Our freight elevators are known for their high load-bearing capacity, durability, flexibility, and ease of use. We offered with toughened floorings and interiors to suit your specific needs. Freight elevators are suitable for warehouses, industrial manufacturing plants, shopping complexes, factories. 

Automobile elevators /car elevators operate in the same way as a normal passenger elevator, however instead of transporting only you, a car elevator transport you and your car to your designated floor in a multi storey car park. The operation of accessing the elevator can be carried out by a standard call station system or by utilising the latest remote call button technology. Thus, you do not have move from your car until you reach your car space. Automobile Elevators offers a safe and cost effective solution to transport automobiles between fixed levels. They are most suited for parking lots, condominiums, buildings, malls, car showrooms/garages etc. 

Capsule/Panoramic Elevators is widely used in high-raised office buildings, hotels, commercial centers and many other public places. KDP Elevators offer range of specially designed panoramic elevators such as capsule elevator with three sided glasses, five sided glasses and fully glass elevator. They have aesthetically attractive interiors with large glass viewing panel. Panoramic elevators can be designed to meet indoor or outdoor service and can be provided with air conditioning, various lighting styles, wall finishes and hand rails. It is also reliable and economical with minimum maintenance.